Granny Rings

The most awesome way to show your are a proud Mom, Grandma or Great Grandma!

Show the world that you are a proud Grandmother with GrannyRings!


GrannyRings are a unique way to let the world know you are proud mother, grandmother or great-grandmother!! The most precious new family additions can be by your side all the time with GrannyRings

Granny Rings - Baby Charms and handmade quilts

Adorn your purse, handbag, back pack, gym bag, luggage, and beach bag with GrannyRings precious charms.

Show your friends that you have the most rewarding title in the world…..Grandma!

  You are not your Grandma’s Grandma; you are a young and glamma-orous “Glamma” with GrannyRings!

GrannyRings…..What the modern Grandmother is sporting!

::Caution:: Not a toy. Please keep away from children

Granny Rings


Gloria Chiari of Brick, NJ.
This month’s lucky GrannyRings™ winner!

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