GrannyRings - Baby Charms and Handmade QuiltsThe GrannyRings Story

Hi, I am Sherrylynn, founder of GrannyRings™. Two years ago my daughter had my first grandchild and I found myself with a new title “Grandma”.  When she came to visit I showed off my granddaughter to everyone in town, parading around on Main Street. However, after she returned to her Colorado home I realized that everyone I met did not know I was a proud Grandma. That is when it hit me. I needed a way to let the whole world know I was a still a Grandma, even if my Granddaughter was no longer by my side. Thus, the creation of GrannyRings™.



GrannyRings - Baby Charms and Handmade QuiltsGrannyRings™ are a great way to let everyone know you are a Grandma, even when your grand kids are not by your side. Attach the rings and charms to your purse, handbag, backpack, gym bag, beach bag, brief case or whatever else you carry.

Show the world you are a glamma-ous “Glamma” with GrannyRings™!

Passionately XO,